an open science diagram

As part of working in the open, here is a draft diagram intended to set the Government of Canada federal open by default pilot project in the context of potential open science activities.

Open Science Pie Chart August 21, 2017

diagram Copyright © 2017 Government of Canada, available for reuse under the Open Government License

This diagram is part of a larger briefing on how the federal open by default pilot project, which provides public access to draft government documents, could be used in an open science context.

Your thoughts about this representation and about draft documents in an open science context are appreciated. You can leave a comment or email

I take no credit for the diagram (I am terrible at graphics). It is the work of the rest of the open science team at Environment and Climate Change Canada, with particular credit to Amanda McLeod.

The government does not currently have activities in all of the areas in the diagram above. For more about the government’s open science activities, please see the Open Science commitment in the 2016–2018 Plan to the Open Government Partnership.

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