Day of Nothing

This morning,
I woke up three times on three floors at three different levels of ecstasy
ecstatic at awakeness as much as I was to return to sleepness
and sleepness did I go back to and I was sleepness and it was good
on this, my day of nothing

I awoke for the first final time today to the reveries of Debussy
as I consciously and decisively decided to skip out on obligations
and opted to go out and buy a box of cinnamon toast crunch
and come home and eat cinnamon toast crunch and watch Sam Kinison make the 80s uncomfortable and it was good
on this day my day of nothing

and once the microscopic metacosmic cinnamon diamond clusters dissolved
I reveled in heavenly contentment as I sat and continued in my nothing
and then I worked out, and then I drank a cold brew coffee
and then I bought a video game that I played for several hours
and it was good

This afternoon, I drifted from the Debussy suite
to join a velvety-cushioned cacophony of Cuban chords
and read Emerson and Watterson and Sartre
while Osho and Sam Beckett watched
to turn to writings of my own
and reflect on love both lost and looming
and things I won’t yet forget

but not before a walk in the sunny sun sun
not a run, not a jog, but a walk neither brisk nor sluggish
to come to rest in a park bench at the park
and write
until walk again did I to the edge of the world
where legs stop working and thoughts stop consuming
and the body knows what it wants
where I fell into a nap and I was sleep yet again
and damn was it good

This evening,
I woke up to relocate to the crib
I ate a burger and it was good and I ate broccoli and carrots and it was ok and I ate spinach ravioli and life was good
and then I did a couple more nothings that can’t be put lightly enough in metaphorical form to dissuade imagination from formulating conception
on this, my day

And at night, when the Ground’s light went lost to the sweet, warm blackness
I watched a movie in a language beyond me
As I thought of a place beyond me
and I slipped into a state beyond me
And I took a bath, and went to bed,
And dreamed beyond me
On this good day
this day of nothing