Tell it on the Fog

Pray tell
when the walls the water damned fell
and broke well through the barriers
carrying Hell
carried with a meditation
Heaven’s levitation
the messianic spell relayed
in hymns and rhymes
the wheels fast spun its rims and tires
time since has chimed live truth and lies 
the dyes’ color culled from
come earth and blackest space where light shines
the marked and labored myths
on the nights clear and bright which
free the fog always
and always the god still persists
with bated tongue
for tomorrow’s tell not so foreseen
we live to live despite this
with truth and love and death’s remiss
some fight in the fight some die in
most deny it
some like it, some try to the ends of trying
and told a prayer on the clouds above the fog
to whip free the winding anguish