Too Much Stress for the Pushy

I’d rather push a pack of pink and purple armadillos to a villa in La Pampa, Argentina than to ponder deeper into whether it was ever worth it to pursue this push

Up against the wall and cornered by the thought I guess I’d say these pushy natives from down under really were a wonder-gazing group of souls that was funny, smart and cool

But their heads of state put me in a fray of stress and worry, that truly had me hurried to dismember my attention deficit

And so,

I tried and tumbled forward tussling and turning hurting every part of my discerning cause to live with it

The push grew to shove and didn’t give a fuck how it left me on my own to figure out the stunt

Because shocked as I was that the push became a piece of shit I pieced together just a piece of it and saw through everything at once

This push was just another part of life that had me challenging my own advice and channeled in a cause to strive for something past its ego just as we go separate ways to will or won’t

Because it can never do no wrong nor apologize for pain it caused so I claimed “fuck it” from its curse and never thought of it again

So here I am a man anew and through the worst I’ve gotten through I’m better still a better man whose world is not the one inside my head but the one enjoyed by you and you and you and you but not that pushy push

I’ll pull my own weight here on out while the push can stress the days away

never changing 
never knowing 
never making 
always hoping 
better scared 
from interloping 
than to take the leap awoken
from the sleep that it has chosen 
and I’m sure it needs to take a moment 
but for now

I’m done.

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