And I’m wondering if it’s too early to grab lunch. It’s 12:30 already, but somehow that feels early. I haven’t finished either my coffee or this essay, and I know as soon as I mention grabbing lunch, my partner’s response is gonna be “oh, you’re finished?” and then I’m gonna have to deal with that tiny sighing flail inside my chest as I answer “no” and mentally map out when I’m going to finish and defend against the giant suck that is a Saturday afternoon.
A List Of Things I’m Thinking About Right Now
Kris Gage

What I end up doing when I feel it’s too early for lunch is go buy two things. I call it my first lunch and second lunch. I have the first lunch immediately and have my second lunch later on. And that somehow quiets that annoying voice inside me which is usually blabbering on about it being too early for lunch.