New & returning teachers: Research Unit

We’ll be taking a look at Pisay’s new and returning teachers for the school year 2016–2017 over the next few months! In this addition, we get to know teachers from the Research Unit.

Full Name: Jose Maria S. Guevara

Birthday: March 13

Hometown: Pasig City

College Degree & School: BS Computer Engineering, UP Diliman

Motto: “You learn something new every day.”

Theme Song: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Best Feature: Sparkling wit

Why teach at Pisay? It’s nice to give back once in awhile.

3 Qualities you see in Pisay Students: Mildly insane, Tends to procrastinate, Always ready to learn

Pak or Ganern? Both.

How do you feel about Harambe? I hope they make a Pokemon memory of Harambe. It would be a great way to honor him.

Full Name: McJervis Villaruel

Birthday: April 13, 1992

Hometown: Manila

College degree & School: BS Biology, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)

Best Feature: Height

Why teach at Pisay: It’s a good school and it’s research-oriented.

Top 3 qualities of a Pisay student: They’re intelligent, industrious, and polite.

If you were a rockstar, what message would you tell your fans? Live life to the fullest? *laughs*

What inspires you? Family.

Full Name: Mark Louie D. Lopez

Birthday: October 1

Hometown: San Mateo, Rizal

College Degree & School: MS Biological Studies, UST

Motto: “I am less than nothing without God.”

Theme Song: Tuloy Pa Rin by Neocolors

Best Feature: Tolerance

Why teach at Pisay: The challenge of handling the students

Top 3 Qualities of a Pisay Student: Asks a lot of questions, Really excited when it comes to research, Willy and jolly at the same time, humor excitement and curiosity

What is your emoji? Smiley, it’s easy to type.

What Pisay policy is new to you? The advising and interaction with my students.

Full Name: Ana Victoria R. Lloren

Birthday: February 25

Hometown: Tacloban City

College Degree & School: MS Chemistry, UPD

Theme Song: Summer Reign by Coastal Cities

Best Feature: Avant-garde

Why teach at Pisay: Serve the alma mater, Inspire students and guide them to discover what they’re really capable of doing.

Top 3 Qualities of Pisay Student: Inquisitive, Creative, Logical

Most important life lesson? Be grateful :) ❤

What are your favorite ice cream flavors? French Vanilla & Earl Grey Tea by Merry Moo

If you were a cow, why? I turned into a Dragon.

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