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Resistor and Capacitor Codes

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Resistor Color Codes

Discerning the colors on a resistor may be a tricky matter. 1 very important thing is that you must eliminate a resistor if you’re uncertain of the value before applying it to a circuit. …

By Diadon Acs

From www.scitechsyndicate.com

iPads, social networking, 3D printing, electric plug-in vehicles, artificial hearts — these inventions and innovations are a testament to man’s creativity and capability. But how about a twister fork that keeps pasta from annoyingly sliding off, a goldfish-shaped egg separator that sucks up the yolks and a spaghetti measuring tool that separates adult, small and family portions? Have we whetted your appetite for more DIY inventions and the people behind them?

Why is our society so influenced by technology?

Artwork by Victor Fritsch

Article by Diadon Acs

Technology is a powerful driver of social change. It makes possible what was previously unfathomable, to improve our lives in meaningful ways. A discussion on how technology has, so far, changed society and its potential for future transformation can be truly eye-opening to even the most privileged among us.

Everyone has problems, hardships they want to overcome or issues they wish to solve. Many people believe in the values of equality and collective good. Whenever a pioneering technology helps advance our values and motivations by delivering tangible benefits, our faith in the…

Sci-Tech Writing Content

By Diadon Acs

I am going to do my best to spice the science and technology community up a bit. Asking difficult questions that science was designed to ask and only nature is able to answer through experimentation. I have a series of articles I am working on and…

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