Week 9–10 Journal

To successfully make different prototypes, I have learnt how to do basic 3D modelling in 3DS Max. My aim in doing this was to create a model of the HoloLens and an Oculus rift VR device. Searching through the internet, i wasnt able to find any models that was free to use so i decided to make my own. I didnt want to take too much time so i made really basic models of the devices as shown below.

The reason why I decided to have these models were to direct people with the additional models of what is around the pavilion, and so ive created a signage indicating different areas. The sign and the directions can all be changed through 3DS Max.

The HoloLens and the VR model can further be utilised with the informative side of things where a model will talk to users of how to use the device and what the functions are. Currently still I am not able to get the virtual buttons working but the coding of the video to be played on the users phone/tablet should work.

The biggest challenge at this time was being able to have multiple markers being read, or in other words, combining all the prototypes and scenes into one application.

How i approached this problem was to test out the prototypes in one go as seen below.

Unfortunately, the app didnt recognise one Vumarker, and displayed nothing. Without even searching on the internet, I did a trial and error with the load database option in Unity.

Having all the Vumarkers activated didnt do the trick, and i found that activating only one would work with the associated model connected that that VuMarker, and the others would project anything. So i went back to the Vuforia website to see if i could load all the Vumarkers under one single database as shown below.

With that in place, I activated the dataset containing all the Vumarkers, and the application works with all the prototypes in one! The only issue now in the prototypes are the virtual buttons, which are most likely going to be changed to a normal button that users can press on the screen.

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