Skip the Back to School Childcare Dilemmas

The mess of shuttling kids back and forth to school and keeping them home when they are sick or on snow days, are often the visions working moms and dads have when that clock starts clicking towards the end of summer and towards the beginning of a new school year.

Children packed into daycares spreading the winter colds faster than swarming mosquitos biting on a beach during those late summer nights. Sunny days quickly turn into backpacks chuck full of homework to be done after you’ve picked them up from day care or the sitters.

Avoiding Late fees

There are a few solutions, hire a nanny that can drive, instead of daycare, or ask your aging parents for some favors or you can have it all — Get an Au Pair! They don’t have built in family or friends like a nanny so their time is set via the parent’s request. Au Pairs can cover homework time and mom and dad don’t have to scramble in the morning to feed the kids and them ready.

Taking back your mornings and evenings

With an Au Pair working parents can go at their own pace, drink their coffee hot and get ready for their work meetings. They don’t have to rush home to get there in time to pick the kids up from the daycare before the late fees pour in.

They can also avoid the nanny who is in a hurry to get home to her own family or out with their friends. The Au Pair can stick around for dinner with the family and can be there if you have to step out to the store, or is even around for date nights on the weekends.

Help with Homework

For kids in school the Au Pairs will be on duty first thing in the morning, then take mid day off and then back to work evenings so the kids can get help with their homework. Working moms and dads can get home and kick up their feet instead get back into the grind of running a house. They don’t have to rush to get the kids schoolwork done and they can have help getting the kids ready for bed.

Back to school doesn’t have to be a headache. Parents can skip the rush and the running around by bringing in a driving Au Pair who can be there to do the work for them. Au Pais also step in so parents don’t have to cancel on their boss at the last minute when the kids wake up feeling sick.

Finally, the Au Pair is not nearly as expensive as some people assume, they actually average out to be $7.85 an hour. You can search from a database of hundreds of Au Pairs from dozens of different cultures, and join an online community with other parents who share their experiences and give tips along the way.

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