Wearing Colored Contact Lenses To Get Killer Looks

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses catch the eyeballs of the onlookers in the parties. They allow you to change your eye color and spice up your appearance. Color contacts are designed to improve the beauty of your eyes.

Enjoying bizarre appearance

Colored contacts are also used to enhance the natural eye color temporarily in a fun and exciting way. You can wear these contacts with your well-designed costumes to get nice and extraordinary look on special occasions or parties, be it a Halloween party or an evening function. These lenses not only complement the natural beauty of your eyes but also increase your style statement.

Selecting ideal contacts for your eyes

Glimmer Black, One Tone Green, One Ton Blue, One Tone Hazel, Glamour Violet, Mystic Grey, Fusion Yellow Blue and other varieties of colors are available in different sizes at discounted price. With these, you can enhance the attractiveness of your eyes and flaunt your style in different parties with new look.

Choosing the right color

You can choose contact lens color as per your hair color and skin tone. Colored contact lenses give you better or spicier appearance if you wear them with fashionable accessories. They suit with your style and persona.

Providing softness

Stylish colored contacts are made with 55% of water and Methafilcon A material that keeps them soft and clean for long. After placing them on your eyes, you can feel their softness and smoothness for the daylong.

Do’s and don’ts of colored contacts


Do keep hands clean

Before putting in or taking out contacts, you need to wash your hands with mild soap and dry them thoroughly with lint-free cloth or towel.

Do clean your lens case

Contacts need proper care. Bad hygiene practices will infect your contacts. You need to clean contact lens case properly. You should not clean contacts with old or expired contact lens solution.

Do remove lenses before going to bed

Stylish and fashionable contacts are only designed to provide stylish look. If you are going to sleep, you should remove them from your eyes as they can cause eye infection.

Do keep your nails short

You shouldn’t place lens with long and sharp nails as they can harm and infect your eyes. Besides, you may use contact lens tweezers. It comes with soft-tipped. With this, you can easily pick and handle lens and prevent accidental damage.


Don’t share your contacts with others — Exchanging contact lenses can also transmit harmful bacteria that can lead to serious eye infection

Don’t clean lens with water — Water, saliva and other homemade saline solutions contain chlorine, micro-organisms and other minerals that can damage the lens and infect your eyes.

Don’t wear contact if you feel discomfort — If you find redness, irritation and other discomfort in your eyes, remove them at the earliest and consult an eye specialist.