5 Questions Everyone has About an MBA in Infrastructure Management

As the population continues to increase, the demand for good infrastructure surges too. Whether it is improving the transportation system or developing a plan for an urban city, infrastructure professionals are required everywhere. Thanks to the increasing demand, many students have started opting for an MBA in infrastructure management at top universities in India. Keep reading to know what this programme is all about and decide whether you should opt for it.

1. What infrastructure management is all about?

‘Infrastructure development’ has been on our government’s top growth agendas for the last few years. To work towards this mission and improve the overall infrastructure in India, universities have started offering this programme.

This programme is designed by industry experts to help students deal with varied challenges in the development of infrastructure.

2. What you can learn in this programme?

Similar to any other MBA specialisation, this is a two-year long programme. Here, you will learn about:

● Business Strategies

● Supply Chain Management

● Human Resource Management

● Business Laws

● Organisational Behaviour

● Econometrics

● Infrastructure for Rural and Social Sector

● Quantitative techniques

The topics mentioned above might vary depending on the university you are studying in.

3. What is the eligibility criteria?

If you find a career in this domain interesting, you might want to know about its eligibility criteria. To apply for this MBA programme, you need to have:

● A bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering disciplines with a minimum of 50%

● A relevant MBA entrance exam score like SNAP

4. What can you become with a specialisation in infrastructure management?

Once you have an MBA in infrastructure management, you will be ready to explore a field full of opportunities. Some of the common career prospects with this degree are mentioned below:

● Infrastructure Engineer

● Infrastructure Team leader

● Infrastructure Manager

● Infrastructure Consultant

● Infrastructure Architect

● Infrastructure Specialist

5. Where can you work with an MBA in infrastructure management?

As mentioned earlier, the demand for infrastructure and development professionals is high in the market. There are various companies who are looking for such individuals. A few of these companies are:

● Wipro

● Cognizant

● Tech Mahindra

● Sterling and Wilson

● L&T Metro Rail

● Toyo Engineering India

● Finance Ltd.

These are a few questions that are common amongst MBA aspirants. If you are planning to pursue an MBA with this specialisation, you should start applying at the best business schools in India. Start preparing in advance and get ready to work in a challenging industry!