How Group Encounters Are Fun with Scatlas App?

Scmoogle is now Scatlas.

Some people get through life with their gang and partying every day. But Scatlas was created so that everyone could live their life to the fullest without worrying about where to go and whom to go with. Scatlas was created to make group encounters more exciting. With so many features at your disposal, we don’t know how you are going to resist downloading this app. But since it is our job to persuade you, today we are going to discuss why group encounters are fun with Scatlas.

Places to Hangout

We are always looking for a “nice place” where some can “just talk” and some can “simply drink” or “read everything.” But how many times do we find something like this? What if we told you that there are nice places where you can talk, drink, and read?

Yup, you read that right. But there is no app that can filter places according to your preferences and show results. Well, at least there wasn’t any until now. With the launch of Scatlas, we plan on changing the routine of your group hangouts and give everyone what they want.

Looking for Things to do

We have all found ourselves buried deep under the question of “where to go?” You can browse through a certain app that will tell you what is going to happen when and allow you to book tickets but nothing that you will find will be available right then. It will always be an upcoming plan. So, what do you do right now in this moment?

Scmoogle for things that you wish to do. You will be shown a list of places where what you love is happening. Or better yet, don’t look for anything, and simply check out what’s trending and navigate away.

Events Around You

If you are one of those who always misses out on concerts and well, sales, mark our words, Scatlas is going to be your rock. Never miss out on anything ever because the Scatlas community is always updated with whatever is happening around.

Download Scatlas, check out the events that are trending and step out. Go where your gang is. Impromptu meetings are the best.

Food Corners

Are you as tired as we are with the increasing popularity of eateries that aren’t remotely familiar with the term ‘good food?’ Then you must also be tired of seeing reviews that describe such places as “the best restaurant ever.” Honestly, we feel you.

Scatlas community is a ‘highly evolved’ community. We don’t mean to brag but we house the best community. On Scatlas, you can find your kind of food or even the dish that you wish to eat. All this just by using a hashtag.

Stay Connected

One of the most appealing features of Scatlas is messaging. You can chat with anyone from the entire Scatlas community and stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Now planning gang meet-ups is digitalized but still fun.

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