Second earthquake rattles Nepal, Sisters respond

An elderly lady shows SCNs Lisa Perekkatt and Rinzee Lepcha items picked up from the debris.

Just when the people in Nepal were beginning to feel that normalcy was returning and ready to move on with life, another major earthquake rattled the country, taking everyone by surprise. Those who had gone back to their houses are now camping in open spaces, again. Lives have been lost and injuries caused as hundreds of houses in Kathmandu and surrounding Districts have been reduced to rubble.

Sisters in Kathamndu immediately ventured out to visit people in Koshidekha and Baniyatar in Kavre District. These are the two areas Sisters have focused on for relief and rehabilitation and where they have created “child friendly” spaces.

Baniyatar Catholic Church has once again become the shelter for people in that area. In Koshidekha, people are all out in the open, sitting in their tents, too worried to stay indoors. Many have their ears tuned to radio news for further information or any warning. Mothers are afraid to send their children anywhere indoors. One of the women from the village said to Sister Lisa Perekkatt, “When will it be over? If we die, let our family be together.”

According to the staff at the SCN’s Navjyoti Centre, there are places where help has not yet reached. The Sisters are planning to go to Thilthum, Nepal, tomorrow where people are badly in need to tarps.

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