VPs hosting India offers multiple benefits. If you are planning to create the best websites you would be looking at this type of hosting, for its cost effectiveness, resource dedication, and for the scalability it offers. One of the major reasons you want to choose VPS hosting would be the unique IP address offered as part of the account.

Shared hosting services are wonderful, if you are starting to learn more about website hosting, or just need a small website for personal or small business use. This is a cheap hosting service, where you can pay for hosting easily. One thing however you would need to keep in mind is that shared hosting service means your IP address will be shared with users of the same server. For larger and growing businesses, unique IP addresses are a necessity and this is a facility you get with a dedicated hosting account.

Less risk of being banned

If dedicated hosting is too expensive, you can consider cheap VPS plans. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, VPS hosting India also offers a price advantage over dedicated hosting plans. You also get access to unique IP address, and this offers your website many advantages the first is that your site remains more credible to search engines. Often, entire network of sites on a server are banned, if an IP address seen as suspicious is banned by search engines. You can avoid this pitfall by using VPS hosting unique IP address.


For businesses, having a unique IP address is also beneficial because it offers more authenticity to your site. If your site’s IP address is shared by too many other entities, your site ends up appearing spam. You would also have more security on the site, particularly when sensitive information is being shared on the site, and you want to use encryption for the information. Considering these advantages it is recommended that businesses that need unique IP use VPS hosting India.

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