We all know lots of jobs will go away in the next decade or two. When I visited Tesla’s factory this year I noticed about 20% more robots than when I visited last year. Take that trend out a decade or two and we can predict many jobs will go away.

For my sons that might be dismal news. After all, they will be entering the job market in the 2030s. Will there be any jobs?

I’ve never been more optimistic that, yes, there will be. My visit this week to Radiant Images showed the new jobs that are being designed right now. This lab builds camera systems for Hollywood movies. I started up my 360-degree camera and interviewed cofounder Michael Mansouri inside one of his camera arrays that do both volumetric and light field captures. My cofounder, Irena, and I spent a day there with our company, Infinite Retina, working for a client (can’t name the client but lots of you drink their product). …


Robert Scoble

Spatial Computing Research at Infinite Retina.

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