I think these are all excellent points that you have raised, but I think some have them are being…
Matthew Harrison

Yes, lots are working on these issues. I just think you need a lot more than five years to get to the place where totally driverless cars (ones without steering wheels) are approved to drive in enough places for Uber drivers to lose their jobs. Those are a decade away. If not more. That said, they are coming, and maybe I’m wrong a little bit. Seven years? OK, if we see a ton of breakthroughs and see a huge shift in human behavior. I just don’t see this happening that fast, the preconditions aren’t there yet.

I might be too aggressive with 10 years, actually. A decade is pretty fast, already it’s been almost a decade since I first started hearing about self-driving cars at Stanford.

I sure hope that early adopters, like me, will have self-driving cars in a decade. Why? My six-year-old son will be 16 then. I hope he never has to drive in his life.

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