A Lesson in Disruption

During a recent trip out of town I had some free time and decided to ‘take an Uber’ to check out a couple of tourist spots. It was during one of these rides that I realized just how much of a game changer Uber really is.

I may be a little late to the dance on this one, but heck — I’m in my mid 50’s — so I’m not expected to be current with tech — in fact if you’re a so called ‘millennial’ or younger, you’re probably shocked that I even know what Uber is, let alone be brave enough to actually use it.

But I also live in an area where I need a car to get from Point A to Point B and I’m not into drinking myself into a state where I’m unable to drive home. So I’m not exactly what you’d call a prime prospect for Uber or any other ride-sharing service.

But travelling is a different story, so when grabbing a ride from one Atlanta attraction to another located a half hour away by car — Uber it was. And I was treated to the kind of service that cab companies simply don’t and probably cannot provide.

Flip on the app, 3 minutes later I’m in a car driven by ‘Tammi’ who was pleasant, engaging and helpful answering questions that I had about the area. The ride to the museum went by quickly, I literally got door to door service, was able to follow the entire route on my phone via the Uber app - and never had to reach for a wallet.

And in the process, I learned about the city, the area, and the story of how Tammi became an Uber driver. And all for about $14 + tip.

So let’s see, great price — check. Nice vehicle — check. Good (safe) driver — check. Interesting conversation- check. And the end result — the type of customer service I want to tell someone about.

The last taxi ride I took involved a driver with an attitude, too high a price and a route that I knew was far from the fastest way of getting to where I was headed. Everything about the experience was uncomfortable. Never again.

Yes I know that ride-sharing services have been around for awhile now. But my recent Uber ride showed me firsthand what disruption in business is all about.