Aggregate my social datas in a single page.

Aggregate all


Let’s start with LinkTree to create a single page where you can easily aggregate all our social networks and links where we want to direct our followers.

👏 The service is free and basic already allows many possibilities in its free version.

In my case, I’m a musician and dev so my page looks like this:francescobruno

🚀 You now have your single page with all your social

linked pages.

Create my webpage

Github & Beaufiul jekyll

⚠️ Make sure you have a Github account before continuing

Check out: Beaufiul jekyll. You can fork the repository and run your website on your domain: in a few simple steps. In the documentation you will find a detailed guide to customize the pages and contents of your website, using the language of Markdown and HTML

💡Connect your webpage with linktree, to have in a single page the connection to your social networks and your personal website.

Let me unstoppable

Unstoppable Domains

What does the world of blockchain and decentralization have to do with my digital identity? As you may have noticed, the services used so far are proprietary platforms that “kindly” allow us to use free of what they have built. I invite you to read this in-depth study on Unstoppable Domains understand its use.

I Purchased my domain on Unstoppable Domains with my wallet Metamask: francescobruno.crypto it was enough for me to create an index.html (all the instructions are on the U.D website) to make a simple redirect to my web page created previously on Github and here is my decentralized domain pointing to my site hosted on Github.

Viewing my decentralized site is simple. Install Brave Browser and enable “IPFS compainon” in the settings.So if you have IPFS installed on your computer go to francescobruno.crypto and we will meet again here but taking another more safe and decentralized route.😁

✔️ Congrats, you now actually own your domain.

See u soon.



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