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Dad showing off Mr Stripey

On Principle

Try something old

For years I refused to try tomatoes ‘on principle’. I knew I didn’t like them so I just flat out refused to try any variety of tomato because I knew I didn’t like them, and I felt invested in years of saying no.

Well, yesterday I gave someone playful hell for refusing to try some homemade kimchi. They didn’t like pickled things, they said. Eventually they gave in and tasted some—and actually liked it.

So this morning when my father brought a giant homegrown tomato from the garden with promises that it would be delicious I realized that I was on the other end of the same silly conviction. So I tried a slice, on pumpernickel with salt and basil.

*Damn* if it wasn’t tasty.

So now I’m wondering how many other tomatoes I’ve missed ‘on principle’; not just food, but people and experiences and ideas.

tl;dr Get out there and try something old.

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Software Engineer at Pulselocker. Former journalism student, news hacker, internet foolosopher. http://www.scottogle.net

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