A Human Koan

He doesn’t know. He takes his youth and his energy for granted — to the point of being nonchalant, even bored with his abilities and his place in life. His vitality is a license to drive a vehicle that he no longer owns. What I would give for just a taste of that tincture. I would not waste a drop. I would use it intentionally, and relish not only the outcome, but the process as well.

Of course I had my chance, back in the day, and of course, I was every bit as foolhardy in its application. Perhaps this is a human koan. An impossibility on a human scale — a futile attempt to make one plus one equal anything other than two.

There is another perspective however — one of me as an old man nearing the end of his life. This old man looks at a younger man sitting, biding his time. He laments the foolishness of this man — the utter waste. He sees him ignoring what he clearly has in his hands in deference to something someone else has — to what he himself once had. For the most part, this younger man disregards the wisdom of his years, his cumulative life’s experiences, his still sharp mind. The older man is incredulous at the lack of respect this younger man has for his health, and his complaints of the relatively few issues — physical, mental ,or other, he has. This old man cannot conceive that this younger man would not savor and relish the gifts he has at his beck and call — that he would not exercise them daily.

This younger man is of course me, and this is not a koan, but a gift, a call to arms, a wakeup call.

Right here, right now — I possess an array of incredible assets, physical, and mental, and other. Gifts if you will. These gifts I am taking for granted, treating with nonchalance, even boredom. Only now, I am awake! I choose to honor these gifts — to treat them with the reverence for which they are due. To honor their ability to make a real and impactful difference in my own life and the lives of those I touch. I will not waste a drop. I will use them intentionally and I will relish not only the outcome, but the process as well..

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