Dig Deep.

We’re looking for Truth and Beauty here.

These are rarely found on the surface — hence we dig.

Truth and Beauty are very volatile entities — Ego and Pride are antithetic to their existence. When presented with these all to human characteristics, they flee to the inner core of our existence, taking with them bits and pieces of our humanity.

There they wait in suspended animation. We are left to maintain without the services these critical parts of ourselves. In compensation, we let our Ego and our Pride run rampant.

They are resourceful — we tell ourselves.

They represent the norm — we tell ourselves.

We need them to survive in this day and age — we tell ourselves.

These attributes of our selves, Truth and Beauty, are aware of their vulnerability. They wait in hiding until summoned. Even then they are leery. Even if they do hear our calls they treat them with a certain amount of distrust, for who is it that calls to them? It is the Ego? Is it Price?

No, they would rather remain hidden — listening for genuine authenticity. Often, this doesn’t come until we’re on our deathbed.

We don’t want to wait that long, so we dig.

We ply back the layers of the epidermis.

We navigate the depths of our venous system — to no avail.

We manhandle our bones; sift through our grey matter oblivious of the toxicities we introduce in the process.

We may or may not realize that we are still the ego that caused the exodus in the first place. Truth and Beauty see this immediately, and dig further inward.

There is only one way to retrieve these critical pieces of ourselves — that is to let go. To truly let to of our Ego and our Pride.

Short of that we will dig.