An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

Samantha, I’ve been a fan of yours for many years and I always watch your show. But your objectivity is getting skewed recently. I get why you’d mock a racist, facisct man like Trump, but you’ve been mocking Bernie and his supporters and showing a clear Hillary bias for awhile now without demonstrating that you’ve actually tried to understand what his movement was about. This little comedy piece here basically says that it doesn’t matter what the leaked emails say. Neither Hillary nor the DNC has denied the content of the emails — they conspired to rig the election to make sure that Bernie lost and Hillary won. THAT should make you outraged and that should be the first thing you talk about. Sure, it matters if it was Russia who hacked the DNC server and if they are trying to help Trump win. But I’m so sick of Hillary supporters trying to deflect from the content of the emails by focusing on Russia. The fact is that the Democratic Party had a chance to nominate an honest man with integrity who would have tried his best to put an end to money and corruption in politics. He also would have beaten Trump hands down. Instead they stole an election to ensure that the most unpopular candidate in the party’s history got the nomination. I totally understand that acknowledging the content of the leaked emails and making sure everyone knows this information means that the Dems may lose the upcoming election and God help us all if Trump wins the presidency. But pretending that the DNC and Hillary are not both corrupt or that progressives who have actually researched Hillary (and come to the conclusion that they could never vote for her) are crazy or must just be mysoginists, is beneath you. Please show some balance. If you want to support Hillary despite her many scandals, despite her record of being a war hawk, and you want to believe that she hasn’t been bought (i.e. you believe that a company would pay $250k for a speech over and over again), fine. But don’t pretend that she and the DNC did not just rig an election.