Curious about attendance
Rick Russell

My math says…

I have no inside knowledge, and no list of tour dates, but I’ll extrapolate a little here. I know in Portland that their tickets were $16 in advance and $20 day of sale. So let’s say that means they had and average sales price of $18. If we also assume a 50/50 split of the door with each venue, that means they took home $9 per attendee. If band made $97,000 then a little under 11,ooo people bought tickets. We know they sold out the 1,100 seat Fillmore in San Francisco, so that means they averaged 412 tickets at the other 23 venues. The Aladdin Theater in Portland has a 600 seat capacity. I’m sure they played some comparable venues in other larger cities, but they probably also played a couple 100 capacity clubs in the hinterlands between those cities.

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