My Favorite VR Experience

360 Music Video
Wear your helmet and your headphones and let’s play… 
and I’m seeing sounds and the music that is driving all the world
colors, light, movements,
The world is changing second by second on the music beat
there’s not ground but I’m not falling
I have hallucinations but I’m not sick
Where am I and what am I seeing?

Deconstruct reality
break through the physics
dive into the imagination
don’t be limited by a canvas
paint and build and animate an entirely new world
and look feelings play 
Is not all that an artist has always desired?

So here a new way to listen and perceive the music and the future art.

So where Am I and what am I seeing?
I’m living the music
I’m seeing emotions dancing
I’m inside an imagination.

We have never been so close to connecting our minds…