Udacity Thought Experiment — Music Game Lesson — First Interview

Play Music! — Gamification of music lessons with the VR experience


Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Name: Jhon Bravo
A Quote: “I’ll be a rock and roll star”

About Jhon
Jhon he loves music and he plays the guitar but as many others guys he also spends much time to play with videogames.
As a student he is really motivated to find some an entertainingly way to learn and much deeper and faster.

His experience level with VR
He spends quite time with this technology yet so he has a good level of interaction with this.

Account location, age, and income accessibility
As a young teenager Jhon hasn’t much money, so the cardboard device is the cheaper way to have access to virtual reality

Interaction level
A VR lesson for a young student can’t replicate a standard lesson, it must have many of dynamic and interactive objects. 
The setting and the story/progress of the lesson must be studied as a tv program, must be exciting and able to capture the focus.
The gamification of a lesson could be a great idea.
For a music lesson the interaction could be the main feature.
Realistic visualization level needed. Use of 2D images and videos in a 3D Environment or high poly 3D models.
2D and 3d can be used alternatively, it depends on the argument, but using the 3d model where possible can be useful to make understand better and faster.

Usability Mode
The student must be the center of the application and interaction. A gamification could help to learn entire arguments in a custom order.

Potential platforms
Cardboarad is the main opportune platform, DayDream could be the second option. Others are too expensive for the propose.

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