Health Care Within

Many of us watched the debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz regarding the state of healthcare in America. Many people in the United States are having concerns about the future of healthcare. I understand. So many topics to discuss. I’m not going in the direction of that debate.

I’m going in the direction from WITHIN. What can you do to eliminate chronic diseases within your body? I have experienced high blood pressure and a few more health issues back in 2015. I decided to make the changes WITHIN SELF. This is not a political decision or argue different view points from the healthcare system. This is not blaming anyone or anything.

I started changing my healthcare system from WITHIN MYSELF. I’m going to give you a few example we can do today to eliminate high blood pressure, blood sugar, and take control of chronic diseases that has us on medications, hospitalized and visiting doctors monthly.


  1. White Sugar- Insulin is a very important hormone to the body. Having to0 much glucose in the blood stream is very TOXIC and one of the reasons for diabetes.
  2. White Flour- White flour is highly processed and turns to sugar when it hits your system. It can also lead to weight gain and type 2 diabetes. We are right back to sugar again.
  3. Table Salt- It’s manufactured with chemicals such as fluoride and anti-caking agents. These toxins can be hard on the circulatory and immune system. Try moving to Celtic Salt which is high in magnesium and potassium.
  4. Dairy (milk & cheese)- Its acid forming, highly processed, has hormones and antibiotics that your consuming when you drink milk.

Eliminate chronic diseases by reading labels, researching the foods we consume in our body and understand what we put in our mouth is a direct link to chronic diseases. It can be a tough road for all of us. We can all make the changes to better health.