Version 2.3

So far creating a game would involve searching in a small list of predefined templates that I had to validate manually. I did my best to add the most well known board games(did validate a little over 100 games) but of course this takes a lot of time and is not very flexible.

I am proud to announce that starting with version 2.3 this process is now in the hands of all the awesome ScorePal users(yes this is you). Did you use a game template that suited your needs? Great! Vote for it and everyone else will find it a lot faster. Didn’t find the scoring template you wanted? No worries, build your own and the app makes it available for everyone to vote on it.

What better way to understand a feature then with an infographic?

Public game templates explained


  • Added support for player groups (selecting play partcipants just got a lot easier)
  • Game templates become community driven
  • All BGG fields related to plays are now saved under the hood(comments, colors, new, rating) [Option to add/edit play these comments soon to come]
  • All BGG fields related to games(minPlayers, maxPlayers, yearPublished, minAge etc) are now saved under the hood. [This will be used for features like “Show me all the games we can play with 3 people”]
  • Taping a player automatically opens its stats
  • Selecting a single player participating in a play skips the the order step
  • New empty icons for games, plays, players and groups screen
  • Animated the search icon of the game creation dialog to indicate when a game doesn’t have BGG/ScorePal info attached.
  • Removing game rounds now gives the option to affect all plays, or only future recorded plays.
  • [Fix] Scores uploaded to BGG are format according to the fractional option “5” or “5.0”
  • [Fix] Disabling the fractional scores feature removes the “.” button from the keyboard
  • [Fix] Player sorting by number of plays
  • [Fix] Player filtering when selecting them as play participants
  • [Fix] DB backup not being performed on some devices
  • A ton of other fixes …
Player group feature


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  2. News and upcoming features
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