Considering I work with React.js,
melissa mcewen

I personally believe that coders are writers, code poet if you wish. There are at least three lessons learned I personally see:

  • You need to learn a new while you are at work. You are running wrong path if you are looking into that after working hours.
  • Lost your job? Find a new one made for you. There are so many small to medium companies you can easily find a job, there are tons of job over there! And they do not ask you to do a test at home, you easily end up with offer after telling them about your past experience, projects, challenges and so on. Google, Twitter, Facebook not only places you can work.
  • IT is most beautiful industry, there are so many trends where you can easily growth, learn a new things, stay up-to-date. Don’t stop learning and quite many doors are opened for you.