Well said. I hate douchebags like this guy. By the way not all of us Techies are like this asshat
Dragon Lee

Your article shows you have no clue how much Techie make. There is no easy quick money for us. Keller’s words may not be politically correct and not empathetic but he raises some genuine concerns for the safety of public. You would and do you feel safe walking around the blocks where you see these addicts , high, drunk folks lying around? Let’s evaluate how many of them are hard working people and how many are mentally sick , high on drugs, criminals and drunk? You see human feces and urine on the the streets, and it doesn’t disturb you? Any normal person won’t dare to pee on the road, we’ll get arrested.But the homeless has freedom to do anything, just coz they are poor? They can harass walking and driving people? For what? Looks like being poor has become a legit excuse to break all laws here.

Sorry you are not able to afford housing in SF anymore, tough luck honey. Move out to Hayward, Oakland, Castro Valley or out of bay area. You do not have the constitutional right to live in SF. Ah! is that too inconvenient for you? But a Techie should live there even if he can afford to pay right there in city? Rent is decided by free market, and one who can pay it would live there.

These young techie have also brought money and taxes to the city which are spent on the city. They bring the business to your bosses where you might be doing bar tending. So, your tips has increased

Clearly SF does not deserve to be the tech hub!! hippie crowd wants it a cheap place for themselves. There are many cities who would kill for that crowd to be in their city!

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