By Andrew Lee, Alex Lewis, Ian Stanton

Every time Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings are exhibited, the museum or private collector is required to employ a draftsman to realize an authentic and certifiable work that is rendered according to LeWitt’s instructions. This choice articulates LeWitt’s stated belief that the conception of…

Youth Insights Leaders (The Whitney Museum’s Teen Program) meeting and discussing the work of artist Jared Madere. Photograph by Filip Wolak

In our private conversations, you’ve expressed some reservations about talking about your art through the tech processes that you employ. Can you elaborate on why you feel this way?

I’ve been working with digital imaging tools since I was seven years old and building virtual synths/algorithmic sequencers since I was…

By Jennifer West

As a digital record, and as culture, the NFT is a perfect extension of my art.

Photo by Liz Ligon

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It all started when I was making a solo…

by Elliot Cole

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Hashflowers is the…

“[Jared Madere’s work] attempts to abolish structures such as superiority of discourse, western time perception, accustomed linearity and hypothesis of causality.”

–Noam Segal for Nicolas Bourriaud’s Crash Test

About the Artist

Artist Jared Madere’s work encourages open-ended possibilities within mediated contexts, mobilizing viewer subjectivity as an engine for new propositions…

Dakota Blue is a musician and illustrator from Los Angeles. His illustrations draw upon a steady diet of cartoons, comic books, and good, old-fashioned people-watching.

Interview by Mr. Scorp

[ Watch the full video interview here: ]

We are here with Dakota Blue, the creator of Dusko and the…

by Dakota Blue

Dakota Blue is a musician and illustrator from Los Angeles. His songs have been described as new wave meets gothy pop, full of delirious lyrics, delusional synths, and dynamic guitars that form an eerie pseudo-soundtrack and study on various characters caught in a bind. …

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