Opposition PUP States Position On Section 53

Earlier this week the nation’s least imaginary opposition party, the People’s United Party, issued its position on the controversial ruling by Belize’s Chief Justice regarding Section 53. The ruling found Section 53 unconstitutional since it violates rights to privacy and allows discrimination against LGBT individuals.

The PUP issued a release stating its firm resolve to possibly agree with the CJ’s ruling though with consideration for the churches’ views. In short, the Opposition is in favour of either supporting or opposing the ruling, and is firm in its resolve to keep to that position. The release further suggested in no uncertain terms that LGBT individuals should have rights if no one else had a problem with it and that exercising those rights should be acceptable to anyone who wasn’t offended by them. The PUP finished with a stern warning that anyone who doesn’t agree with their position has to first identify what that position is.

Sources inside the Grand Old Party say that this unequivocal release became necessary after Party Leader John Briceno spoke his mind passionately, saying that it is not Belizean to hate and be divisive. Apparently, more seasoned party veterans rushed to remind him that it is completely unacceptable to have politicians speak their minds, and that political parties cannot thrive without hatred and divisiveness. Party officials will shortly meet with both sides of the Section 53 debate to offer their uncompromising support for both points of view regarding the ruling.

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