Action conquers fear

The other day I was running in the morning by the beach at 6 am and finished a small 8 km run. The morning twilight, cool breeze and happy faces of passer by with me sweating and huffing and puffing from run, I contemplated on times when I dreaded running.

English bay, Vancouver (image source: google images)
On June 25, 2017, I ran my first ever in life Half Marathon(21.1 km) in the ScotiaBank Half Marathon. As a child, I was athletic and a sportsperson till grade 10, though life kicked in and I moved away from being a judoka, swimmer, and shuttler to being a computer nerd and scientist. I always feared and dreaded the number 21.1 km , the distance you run in a half marathon. I always felt in heart and kept in mind that I am not gonna ever be able to run it.

But on this day, I went in and ran the distance. I was slow, I was in the bottom 20% of my age and gender category, every kilometer after the first 12 felt like a mountainous task, though I ran it through and completed one. I am more than confident that I will run it better the next year and conquer the Full marathon next. I was able to do this not because I have some God sent power, it because I TOOK ACTION and CONQUERED FEAR.

Ever wondered what it takes to do a bungee jump, its crazy fearful. Just imagine, you are tied with a cords and strings, you are standing at the edge of a cliff or bridge and you are about to free fall into a gorge. Your heart is racing at 200 beats per minute, the feet are cold and feel powerless, and mind is telling to STOP.

Once you are done the jump, you feel powerful. WHY is that ? its because you have conquered your fear of heights and jumped it through. You TOOK ACTION and CONQUERED FEAR. I had the same feel when I did my first ever jump and now I keenly look up to do skydiving.

Fear [noun] as defined in the oxford dictionary is an “ unpleasant emotion caused by threat of danger, pain or harm ”
Fear [noun]
The Fear [verb] as defined as to “ Avoid doing something because one is afraid.”
Fear [verb]

Fear is an abstract concept and I am a victim of fear myself at many instances in life. I am sure you have been fearful of the final exam in grade 5, or the fear of bungee jumping, or the fear of driving crazy fast on a busy city road (don’t do it), the fear of going out of your city along without parents or friends.

In my last 15 years, I have found that fear is the feeling of unknown or uncertainty ahead of us.

Every time you finish school or leave a job there is a certain level of unknown that exists as paycheques don’t arrive, there is no defined routine of going to office daily, there is no deadline to work towards.

As a human we have two options, 1) curl up in fear and go down the road laid by fear leading into anxiety and ultimately sadness. or 2) Puff up our chest, take a deep breath and TAKE ACTION.

No matter how big the task, no matter what is at stake, fear leads us nowhere, action leads us closer to positive outcome ONE STEP AT a Time.

When we go through the fear.. we conquer the dear by our actions.

No matter how much we caress or cajole fear or FEAR THE FEAR, nothing is ought to change, On the contrary, each action gives us a felling of conquering the fear.

Ever wondered in your university years, when you felt the high school courses to be a piece of cake. It not because you are a genius (you may well be), but the truth is that you have made the effort to conquer your fear and took action to prepare well for final exams and evaluations. On the way you learnt the material and mastered the concepts.

Every big task, no matter how big, no matter how tough, can be broken into tiny super tiny ACTIONABLE steps. I would like you to take your biggest fears, biggest tasks, write them on a piece of paper, and create actionable steps to accomplish the task and conquer our fear.

I GUARANTEE, you will come out victorious and fearless once you have taken ACTION towards your goals.

Always keep in mind ACTION CONQUERS FEAR.