Forgiveness : the elixir of life

Forgive .. like the sand does for ocean and the ocean does for sand ..

Everyday I take the train ride to work .. the child in me loves the window seat.. the sun glaring on my eyes with a little squint watching the world moving at pace every single day .. each sunny day or a rainy day the train passes by a cemetery almost half way into the ride to work .. a wide open area almost 30 houses in size .. with patches of land sitting idle waiting for their next occupant .. and patches of land where souls have rested into their ultimate journey back to the lap of mother nature ..

This view makes me think twice that human emotion is soo naive to hold anger and grudge against someone or some situation ..

“life is too short to fill it with grudges of past acts , complaints of past happenings and anger against the wrongs done to you”

What has happened will never change no matter how hard and how much we try ..

“forgiveness is the best gift we can gift ourselves with.. that with infinite forgiveness will come the ability to maintain your focus on what’s relevant and important .. and ultimately bring peace and happiness ..”

People may seem unreasonable in holding notions against you or friends holding grudges against you or colleagues and bosses be unfair in dealing with you .. but your power of forgiveness and to keep focus on yourself will overpower their ability to disturb you with anything ..

The energy and mind power we spend in holding against others is a waste .. same as in spent watching mindless TV or useless gossip .. Instead we can forgive .. and then channelize the energy on good things that bring happiness to us ..

The happiness may not come right away .. but will eventually come knock your door..

Keep in mind .. the cemetery .. “life is too short to fill it with anger grudges .. fill it with forgiveness and happiness”

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