40th Year lessons

As time goes by in one’s life we accumulate a lot of lessons. Some years a lot more than others. I believe my 40th year has probably taught me a lot more than the previous 39 did. Maybe if I learnt these earlier I wouldn’t have to learn them so late in my life Listing down a few, a lot of them will be simple things which I should have known from the beginning

1: Own your mistakes- A lot of things which went wrong was not in my control but a lot of it was. Being able to identify and own up to mistakes is the first step towards making things better. We only get stronger by accepting we were wrong and ensure we do not make the same mistakes again

2: Self Belief — as the year got progressively difficult my belief in myself and my goals began to waver and it’s only when that self-belief came back recently that my decision making abilities returned. So I learnt no matter how many times the world around you tells you it is not possible what they are actually saying it is not possible by them and want to bring you down to their level. Whatever happens don’t doubt your own capability

3: Its not over till its over- It is very easy to say you cannot take it anymore and give up. Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be overcome. This was easily the most difficult year for me but at no point did it even cross my mind to quit. If you have the hunger to go on you can

4: Communicate — I learnt this year that ask and only then you may receive, If you don’t ask for help you will not get it. So if you want to say something say it, It’s better to say something and deal with the repercussions than not say it and wonder if you had asked would it be different. People tend to be more understanding if they know what is going on.

5: Expectation setting- One large lesson I have learnt this year is setting expectations, Letting people know what your boundaries are is very important. The most difficult thing for me is setting my expectations of others and I realise it is because I do not have boundaries for myself and so expect the same of others

6: All kinds of people in this world- It takes all kinds to make up this world. Not everyone will have the same belief, loyalty, vision, dedication, strength. The key is to figure out each one’s strength and weakness and not expect everyone to be able to do everything at the same pace or have the same excitement level or ability that is expected by you.

7: Change- Yes it is a cliche but its true you have to change your thoughts, your belief your action as things change and times change. Cannot be stuck in time and if you do not want to be a dinosaur, change. Whether that is change your thought process, structure, business model, friends,yourself, Whatever it takes to adapt Change….

8: Never stop learning- I work in an industry which is changing every few days, and the minute you declare “I know everything” is the day you stop growing. But learning isn’t just about work, its about all these lessons and more that we come across in our life and be humble enough to know when you need to stop and acknowledge a lesson learnt.

9: Circle of Trust- the importance of that small circle of trusted family and friends and I emphasize on small because one thing I learnt is at the end of the day a lot of people have very short memories and they only remember what suits them. Find that small circle of trust, The ones you you know they will be there for you through every single thing you go through and do not let go, Grow that trust not the circle.

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