This article represents everything that drove so many people to vote for Trump.

this comment represents everything that got us Trump. White liberals who claim to be against bad things like hate crimes, racism, transphobia but then when ever anyone points out the actual work that needs to be done to get of things, those nice white liberals start attacking the people speaking truth. You get that you are defending a commercial who’s sole focus is to sell a product by telling a “feel good” story. Advertising is all about lying. But even when faced with the reality of a corporation that just wants to make a buck by spinning a false narrative or a black women pointing out the truth who gets no benefit from doing that, the delicate white folks still will attack the black women and blame her for Trump. Trump exists because the majority of white women and men voted for him because just in this case they identified more with a ignorant racists playing them for a fool (just like the beer company) than people telling the truth.

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