Scorum Bot Abby: How AI Will Help To Do Support Better

May 26, 2018 · 2 min read

For the last 3 months community managers observed trends in our Telegram Official Chat, collected top-asked questions and passed their knowledges to Abby, bot that uses neural network for her work. She answers 39 frequently asked questions, but it is not her only feature. Apart from that she:

1. Welcomes every user that joined community

2. Bans users for 24 hours in case of sending any scam links

3. Answers with @ (if someone pings bot via @userid bot will answer with prepared fallback)

4. Tests Korean fallback (when bot sees Korean hieroglyphs she suggests this user to join Korean chat with the link)

5. Forwards messages which contain #askteam to Support chat where admins can answer them

6. Collects statistics and all scam links in Scorum Dashboard

After Abby was launched, users activity in the chat increased by a couple of time. She deletes around 20 scam links per week, with an average time of reaction less than 1 second.

We also plan to launch Bot in Bounty, Writers, Russian and Korean chats, improve the quality of answers and increase the number of questions Abby recognizes.

Scorum Community Managers are still there 24/7, and you are always welcome to contact them with any suggestions or problems you may face.

We couldn’t achieve that amazing results without our friends from that helped us to make Abby. We highly recommend them and plan to work in future.

Join Scorum Official Chat in Telegram, track how Abby works and get answers to all your questions within a few seconds


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