Scorum Initiates the e-Gaming Licensing Process for the Betting Exchange and Fantasy Leagues

We’re in the process of establishing sports betting license for betting exchange.

Scorum is happy to announce that it is in the process of establishing its sports betting license for the Scorum betting exchange in Curacao, an island territory of the Netherlands. Curacao offers a simple and straightforward licensing process and was one of the first countries to offer e-gaming and online gambling licenses starting in 1996. Scorum was introduced to the best lawyers at Licensing Gaming to manage the licensing process by its partner SiGMA, the Summit of Internet Gaming in Malta.

Curacao offers several distinct advantages for the Scorum project and any online betting or gambling company. First of all, since it is a territory of the Netherlands, it offers Scorum the opportunity to open its zero-fee peer-to-peer betting exchange across most of the European Union. Furthermore, Curacao was the first to offer a broad single e-gaming license that covers all types of online gambling and sports betting under one license.

The Curacao will allow Scorum to offer fantasy sports leagues to a broad market. The FSAT estimates that in the US and Canada last year one in five people actively took part in fantasy sports for a total of almost 60 million participants. Those players over the age of 18 spend an average of $556 dollars per year to participate in fantasy sports.

While Scorum’s e-gaming license from Curacao will allow it to launch the Scorum betting exchange in most countries around the world, there are a few exceptions where Scorum will be pursuing the necessary local licenses in order to operate as soon as possible. These countries include the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France. Scorum will strive to get the appropriate licensing in order to offer its unique betting services in these locations as quickly as possible.

Along with promotion of Scorum through the Summit of Internet Gaming in Malta (SiGMA), the Curacao e-gaming license adds significant weight to Scorum’s value proposition as a reliable sports betting solution. Coupled with the fast, free, verifiable and transparent transactions of the blockchain protocol, Scorum’s sports betting system is a clearly an advantageous betting solution in an industry that will naturally migrate towards cryptocurrency-based global transactions over the coming years.

The Scorum Crowdsale starts January 14th at 17:00 GMT! For all the details on how to join, please see this post and if you have further questions you can chat with the team in Telegram or email to

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