Straight to the Source: Meet the Athletes Behind Scorum

Building a rewarding sports media platform to redefine the athlete-fan relationship requires insight from the pros, so Scorum reached out to them with our idea and the responses were resoundingly positive.

Nov 14, 2017 · 4 min read
NBA Champ and Scorum Advisor Timofey Mozgov

One of the most revolutionary changes in the way sports fans’ experience has changed thanks to modern technology is their relationship with the athletes, teams, and clubs they follow. There are as many supporters of Europe’s top soccer clubs in Beijing or Bangkok as there are in their home cities, and both groups of supporters want to feel like a part of Manchester United community. The connection between athletes and their fans has become more direct and media coverage needs to adapt to the changing preferences of the consumers.

Athletes feel it, too. They understand they need new ways to communicate with their audiences where engagement is the king. Now mere presence in the news and social networks is not enough. Athletes have to build and maintain a deep two-way relationship with their supporters, who are the lifeblood of any sport. They rotate turnstiles, switch on TV, buy jerseys and eventually bring revenue to pros.

The benefits for the sports industry are quite obvious as overall revenue continues its upward trend. But the fans have been left on the sidelines; both athletes and their supporters seek a means to better communicate and maintain fan engagement. Without this, no pro athlete or league makes sense.

Scorum wants to take this interest, this fervor, this interaction to the next level by offering a win-win structure.

We’ve teamed up with NBA star Timofey Mozgov and UEFA Champions League winner Alexander Hleb to bring their experience and insight onto the advisory board at Scorum. They were quick to express their gratitude for the unceasing support from fans worldwide and share the idea that the fans who generate so much profit for the sports industry deserve a chance to get in on the action.

Timofey Mozgov and Scorum Co-Founder Nikolai Pobol

Timofey Mozgov compares the thrill of engagement on Scorum with the competition during the game: “Out there, on the court, you have to give it all you’ve got in order to win. Which is why I like Scorum, the new generation of sports media where things work just like in basketball: the better you are, the more fan readers, votes and money you get. Fair play is an important part of professional sports. I think it’s time to play fair with our fans by giving them the voice they deserve.Alexander Hleb sees Scorum as “the only sports media platform where sports enthusiasts have complete freedom to express themselves and be rewarded with cryptocurrency for sharing their passion for sports.

These issues are especially true for the kinds of sports that do not attract too much media attention like synchronized swimming. Gold Medal Olympian Alexandra Patskevich knows the value of each fan: “Community is an important notion. As a sportsman I know how important unity is in synchronized swimming, in sports, and in life. Scorum gives voice to everyone who would like to speak up and has the community as its main referee.”

Scorum will give athletes an innovative and direct platform for interacting with their fan base and followers. Even top level pros recognize that maintaining a strong social media presence reaps tangible rewards for themselves and the brands they represent.

In curling pro Anna Sidorova’s view “In today’s world, people have a hard time trusting established powers. It’s logical that community empowered products have gained such popularity. They give voice to billions of their users, forever changing their industries. Now it’s time for things to change in sports as well!”

Scorum’s platform takes this tenet a step further by integrating a fair reward system for all participants, allowing active supporters to share in the growing success of their favorite athletes.

This is only the beginning. By building a highly scalable ecosystem capable of fast and free transactions, Scorum is poised to attract and reward millions of fans from all facets of sport across the globe. As the momentum grows, our team and athletes are keen and enthusiastic to see the athlete-fan connection evolve into a more rewarding and symbiotic relationship.

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