At Steplix developing a platform for a digital media raised the challenge of applying all our knowledge to avoid hacks and malicious forays to the web site — still in progress.

Joao Pessoa Unsplash

It is well known that all layers of OSI model have some vulnerability, but cybernetic attacks are usually directed…

The Design and Product Department are working in a project that is keeping us highly motivated. We talked to Lucía Garzón, Designer at Steplix who told us what is the work focus and how it is organized.

Unsplash Gautam Lakum @gautamlakum

“Together with Ruthi (Ruth Fetter) and Pau (Paula Frías) we are creating a…

Each statement pronounced by Paula is like a lecture: “Do research. Research”. This is her weapon against any problem or inquiry posed by a client. “First, analyze if there is actually a problem, then understand the problem. And only after those steps, think of a solution”, she asserts emphatically.


Sofia Corvalan

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