Morning Masterclass

Scotch Whisky Experience

[This is the conclusion of my March 2017 trip to Scotland — see overview here.]

The trip ended with a visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh. I opted for Morning Masterclass.

The class started with a tour of the largest collection of Scotch in the world. It was quite breathtaking — the pictures below don’t do justice to the size and range of the collection.

A story behind all of these!
Sorted by region.
Quite a collection!

Then the “masterclass” started. I was initially skeptical as I had just been to the Glengoyne Masterclass the previous day, but this one was quite good as well. It also had a nosing test and an excellent description of Grain whisky, which had been a mystery to me until then.

I had already tried Caol Ila before, but Borders Single Grain was a complete surprise. My impression of Single Grain whisky is quite low, but this was actually.. good!
A blend and a Glenfarclas 105 to compare and contrast.
The tasting notes and the experience.

The masterclass was quite well planned and, despite having visited 20 distilleries before coming here, I found it to be quite illuminating.

Hope you enjoyed the series describing my visit to Lowlands, Highlands and Campbeltown in March 2017. Until next time, sláinte mhaith!