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Apr 12, 2016 · 2 min read

To Scotch Friends:

We’ve quietly launched “The Pub” on The Pub is now open to the public for writers to either:

  • Create a post for Scotch and get paid (~$50–300+).

When you write for

The idea:

  • We’ll pay you (rightfully so);

When you write for just The Pub:

The idea:

  • Use our writing tools to write about almost anything;

Our Writing Tools:

“I love Markdown, Marky Mark Mark” — Everyone

Write with our beautiful and easy-to-use markdown editor. We will always be improving this.

Content we like:

We like to break our content down into two main taxonomy types: Bar Talk and Tutorials.

Bar Talk consists of:

  • Developer and tech news

Tutorials consist of:

  • Top Shelf quality development related tutorials (mostly web but open to others)

Last words:

We’re really trying hard to grow Scotch as a useful resource for developers..

We’re hoping to get even more great authors this year share their expertise on Scotch.

To all our readers, thanks for all the support so far, we’ll keep pushing forward. Seriously, please consider joining us:

Thanks — Nick and Chris

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