What Does it Mean to be American?
Mark Suster

I think the reason I, and I suspect a few like me, found you to be getting far too political was related to what I have said many times in response to your blog. I respect, appreciate and learn from you as it relates to tech and entrepreneurship, but your political views colored my perspective of you. Your views, expressed in your writing became more and more one-sided and polarizing. Moreover, I found most of your followers, no doubt because of the left-leaning views of most in tech/California, applauding you and chastising those that dared to challenge or disagree with you. I also found your claims to be a centrist hard to swallow in light of your writing that had almost zero room for opposing opinions.

You reminded me a ton of the book ‘Bias’ where it said something to the effect, “liberals don’t think their liberal, they think they’re correct”.

Even though you blocked me from Twitter, I have continued to follow your blog and I read it when I feel it isn’t yet another political rant and instead the insightful and interesting commentary about your life in tech that I continue to enjoy.

I look forward to extracting more insight from you and I continue to wish you success in your journey regardless of our differences.

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