Zachary August (’16) in conversation with Andrew Bullock (‘87)

In Conversation with Old Boys

A conversation that inspires a community.

Scots Old Boys achieve excellence in a diverse range of fields. What unites them is a commitment to the core values of a Scots boy — curiosity, honesty, integrity, passion and truth.

‘In Conversation’ is a new series produced by the Old Boys’ Union that seeks to delve into questions of leadership, knowledge, work and service. In doing so, it is our vision that by celebrating the achievement of our graduates we will also inspire our community.

The first season of In Conversation will focus on the theme of ‘leading from the heart’. As we seek to broaden the base of this exciting new program, we will begin to examine new themes and concepts; drawing on Old Boys with a variety of different experiences.

This program highlights our commitment to building a community that connects by being another way that we bring together Old Boys across the world.

We are eager to hear from you and excited to engage you in this program that will help us build a community that not only connects but grows and develops through shared insights.

In Conversation will launch with the July Newsletter of the Old Boys’ Union featuring the Head Prefect of 2016 (William Lawrance) and the Head Prefect of 1987 (Andrew Bullock).

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