Was the attack at Ohio State an argument against gun control or for it?

Late in November of 2016, there was attack at The Ohio State University in which a student drove his car into a crowd of people and then got out and started attacking them with a butcher knife. The day after this I saw a meme on Facebook showing Homer Simpson fading backward into a hedge until he was hidden. The caption was, “Liberals after finding out that the Ohio State attacker didn’t use a gun”. That seemed completely backward to me, so I shared it with the following posting:

Scott The attacker didn’t have a gun. Because of this he was only able to hurt ten people and none of them died. Seems to me that this is an argument for keeping guns out of the hands of violent nut jobs. Am I right?
On a personal note, I found out that a friend of my daughter was in the building and saw some of her friends get knocked down in the attack. If this guy had an assault weapon, there’s a good chance she’d be dead.

A friend of mine from when we were kids growing up is an outdoorsman. He owns a boat and loves very few things in life more than sport fishing. A conversation between the two of us began with my friend’s response to my post. What followed was a rare example of two people who disagree on a political topic, are able to talk about it and not get emotional or mean toward each other. Note: I’ve changed the names of the people other than myself who I mention here.

Adam Him having a gun is not even relevant. Imagine if he used his car to ram through the crowd leaving the football game a day earlier.
Scott Then he still wouldn’t have killed as many people as he would have with a high capacity assault rifle pointed at the same crowd.
Adam The gun is not the problem. The ammo is not the problem. The clips are not the problem. Human nature is the problem, people are broken, mad, sick … they are going to use whatever they get their hands on. I am personally more concerned about things blowing up vs guns.
Scott Going back to my original point, the guns take a bad situation like the one at OSU yesterday where a disturbed, or possibly evil person has bad intentions and makes it worse. The kid who drove my daughter to swim team practice during senior year would have seen her friends who were knocked down and uninjured yesterday gunned down in front of her, and easily could have been next. The bad intent was there yesterday. The gun wasn’t. Jodie’s family is thanking G-d for that today, I guarantee you.
Adam I respectfully disagree with you on this point. A gun is just a gun. There are worse things that are readily available for purchase at Home Depot that would take out many more people.
Scott I’m glad we’re being respectful. Not a hint of sarcasm there. What do they sell at Home Depot that’s worse than a high capacity assault rifle?
Adam Propane, PVC, boxes of 2 penny nails.
Scott So why aren’t there more bombing deaths than gun deaths in the US?
Scott And to your earlier comment, what were you disagreeing with? How was I wrong that an assault rifle in the hands of the guy who was armed with a car and a knife yesterday would have been worse?
Scott Jodie and her friends are all uninjured, and all the victims are alive. Is that not better than what happened in the gay night club in Florida last summer?

Then Adam cited a report from the National Institutes of Health study on the use of bombs in the United States over a twenty-year period.

The United States twenty-year experience with bombing incidents:…

I found some relevant statistics in the summary on the first page, and wasn’t impressed with the support they offered for his argument.

Scott 699 deaths in twenty years? So, that’s a shade under 35 deaths per year. There are 33,000 gun deaths every year in the United States. You’re making my point for me.
Adam Just proving a point myself. You are very anti-gun. I am not going to change your mind or try. I have a different philosophy that puts the onus on the person not the weapon. Again if someone wants to do wrong they are going to. No bans or regulations are going to stop it.
Scott I’m actually not completely anti-gun. I’d just like to see some sensible regulations, and I don’t see them.
Scott And you’ve yet to offer any evidence that guns, particularly assault weapons don’t make bad situations worse. It’s bad when someone wants to hurt people. We both agree on that point. You’re arguing that it makes no difference what tools they use to do it, but I can’t see how that position is tenable.
Scott Jodie and her friends are alive and uninjured. That’s better than being injured or dead.

Adam didn’t respond after that. I’m not sure whether I started getting through to him or he simply didn’t want to continue the conversation. I liked the fact that we never got angry with each other, and that we’re still friends after discussing a politically hot topic. I’d like to be able to do this kind of thing more often, and wish that more of us could too. It might help us start to heal some of the cavernous divisions that have opened up in our country.