1st Rule of Marketing — Do Something

I had failed at marketing. I don’t mean that I’d made a little error and had a minor setback, I mean I had made an utterly catastrophic failure and my brand new amazing product was doomed to fail.

The online world is the world of opportunity they say — millions of customers just sitting there for the taking. And I wanted a piece of it. The reality however is somewhat different. This is not the field of dreams. You can just “build it and they will come”. There is no flood of people — you have to create the flood.

A Great Product

When I started out on this path I was working as a freelancer, of which I was already working partly remotely. I was trying to avoid commuting into offices wherever possible. I was able to transition onto working 100 percent remotely, however that isn’t really what I had wanted to achieve. I wanted an online business; not to be a freelancer where I only got paid by-the-hour working for clients. In every way that mattered I was still an employee, albeit an employee to multiple companies. To change that I had put a huge amount of time into developing an awesome product. A product that solved a fundamental problem, and I thought people would be tripping over themselves trying to get their hands on it.

But I had no customers.

I also found other products I can sell.

But I had no customers.

No Customers — No Success

You can’t have business success without customers

…A successful business this does not make.
I was devastated. I’l literally poured by heart into developing this amazing product and no-one was buying it. The reason why they weren’t buying it was simply because they didn’t even know it existed. The problem was I spent too much time researching how to market rather than actually doing the marketing. What I should have done is actually spent time “attempting” some marketing and advertising in some form or another. Had I done this I would most likely have eventually developed a relatively good traffic stream and at least had some success. But instead I spent hour upon hour watching marketing training videos and seminars on how I should market. I was paralyzed by the sheer volume of information. Should I Building an audience, advertise, concentrate on SEO, gathering affiliate partners? I couldn’t decide So instead I did nothing…

The truth was that some of these resources we just straight out scams or training on what has worked for these so called experts. What I didn’t realize until quite some time later was that there was a key piece of information that was missing from all of these training resource. You need to try something, maybe many things. In truth there is no right answer, and each of these experts were simply selling what was working for them. They had tried something, or maybe they had tried lots of things — and something… eventually… worked. If they were lucky the first thing they tried worked — if they were unlucky they might have had to try 1000 things before something worked. What was important was that they had tried. Whatever worked was scaled up (and augmented) and whatever didn’t work was cut.

Marketing Requires Experimentation

What I should have been doing was experimenting, just like they would have done. Experimenting is the act of trying something and measuring the results. If I had started experimenting way back then I probably would have made it.
Instead I was paralyzed and my great product has drifted off into obscurity…

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