I don’t know if you knew this, but there’s an election going on. There are approximately 89 people in the democratic race and a lot of primaries coming up that could determine the future of our country. So when PBS NewsHour came to us at Upstatement to build some graphics and charts that they could use on their website and broadcast, we knew the future of the nation rested solely on our shoulders.

The NewsHour need: clear, reliable, live election graphics

From the Iowa Caucuses to the general in November, elections have fast-unfolding results and ever-changing insights. The team at PBS NewsHour needed graphics that could tell those…

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Recently, we wrapped up a project where we built a Native iOS and Android app and an accompanying admin tool for a client. The admin tool served as a CMS, allowing users to create content that would later appear in the native apps. Behind all of this is an API built with Node and Express, serving data that ultimately lives in Google’s Cloud Firestore.

We wanted to move as much logic as possible to the API, allowing the apps to make simple requests and receive meaningful data back. Data is scoped based on the user who is logged in. For…

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We are building a mobile app with NativeScript-Vue and Vuex that allows a user to search for events nearby. The user can specify what type of events they want and how far they are willing to travel. The API we integrated with accepts a radius which is the number of miles away an event could be (based on the user’s zip code).

The larger the radius, the longer this request will take. In busier areas (like large metropolitan areas), this request could take quite a while; since we were dealing with mobile devices, the user’s connection could also be somewhat…

Clapper used on a movie set
Clapper used on a movie set
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At Upstatement we’re currently developing a pair of mobile apps using NativeScript-Vue, which lets us build fully featured Android/iPhone apps with a framework we already know and love: Vue and Vuex. Apart from the general challenges of native applications (such as offline states and navigation), we had to rethink our approach to some data management. Specifically, managing seamless retries when users can’t easily click back or refresh the app themselves.

Our project has 3 major pieces:

  1. The mobile app (Android and iOS)
  2. A web-based admin tool (also built in Vue)
  3. A Node.js API with Express that powers both

We use…

Scott Batson

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