Setting up your Redux Store
Spencer Carli

Great article! Definitely looking forward to seeing more on this integration between React-Native/Meteor/Redux.

I am curious if you’ve had any luck in avoiding the quick “not logged in” state that happens when a previously logged-in user re-opens the app and meteor takes a second to connect and get the “logged-in” state.

In my app I got around the “not-logged-in” state (which caused a quick login screen flash before connecting) by storing the current users ID in async storage and load from there first while Meteor connects, then let Meteor.user() dictate the state after a successful connection.

It looks like you achieve this with ‘redux-storage-decorator-debounce’ and ‘redux-storage-decorator-filter’, but can’t see your full Meteor/Redux app.

Finally, I noticed this package is only a few lines. Would you still recommend it or just add this code in your project?

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