In the thick of the coronavirus/COVID-19 epidemic, my insensitivity to the crisis distracted my attention from breaking news headlines to cheap airplane tickets.

Soon after, reality seeped in and I surrendered an irresponsible and spontaneous vacation and instead waved my finger through my phone’s gallery filled with old pictures of my trip to Portugal.

It’s been half a year since I travelled to the Iberian coast with my family and I was not able to reflect a single word since that trip, other than the basic phrase, “it was good.”

This wasn’t the full truth. It was good, but there…

Many graduates are closing their summer, and while some are fortunate to land on a job, many will feel the abyss of unemployment.

I’ve now been working at UBC for 12 months, 6 months in the Science co-op office and the International Student Initiative for 6 months and counting. If you told a first-year Scott that he would be working at his alma mater, he would have raised his brows for settling in a comfort zone.

Bringing it back to 2013, I was a very ambitious high school student whose initial dreams of becoming a Business student was tossed as a result of being wait-listed and eventually refused (a month before school started) by the Sauder School of Business.

Everyone around me, teachers…

This up-and-coming hotspot has all the things you need to unwind from travelling, people, and life.

I bristled across towering trees using every squeeze to hold myself on this bumpy motorbike ride. The ride up to Minca was infamous for being all types of terrain, but it only takes the actual experience to really get a sense of the the rocky journey.

Although just over 2km away from the proper town of Minca, Mundo Nuevo was cleverly located on the Sierra Mountains.

I did not originally plan to be here, but after a last minute suggestion by a fellow traveller in Minca, I decided to spend my last two nights in a quiet town outside of…

Once known as the world’s most dangerous city, my visit to Medellin and Comuna 13 crushed my preconceptions.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear Medellin?

First impressions on Colombia’s Safety, People, and Cuisine

It’s been about 2 days since I’ve landed in Colombia, and now that I’m stuck in a bus travelling from Bogota to Salento, I want to write my first impressions of this beautiful country while it’s still fresh.

When I told my family, friends, and coworkers that I was going to Colombia as a solo traveller, the first question they often ask is

“is it safe?”

For them, Colombia was a dangerous place full of internal strife and drugs.

It’s remarkable how much the media influences one’s perception of countries like Colombia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding myself…

Survive is a little over-dramatic, but here are a couple tips to help you thrive in the land of bubble tea

On the map, Taiwan is a speck compared to its neighbouring giant, but the island is a definite heavyweight for travelers. When I first visited Taiwan in 2016, I was immediately attracted to Taiwan’s plethora of food, sights, and kind people. Those first steps in Taiwan left such a big imprint that I found myself finessing UBC for one more international program, a semester exchange in National Taiwan University.

Even if you are not attending NTU, take a look for some travel suggestions and my favourite not-so-secret places.

The last time I wrote a survival guide was way back in…

I had just lost my passport while coming back to Taiwan from Hong Kong. My friends who visited me in Taiwan for a grad trip in Vietnam had to go without me. And on top, a person who I firmly cared about shattered my trust with a single email.

$300 for a new passport, $300 for a wasted plane ticket, and priceless memories were lost in a matter of a week. Not the best week.

Frustrated, angry, and worst of all, landlocked, all these emotions pushed me to find solace in Hualien, Taiwan.

I spontaneously decided that I would spend…

I spent 4 nights in El Nido, the most touristy part of Palawan. With tourism comes exorbitant pricing and for a budget traveller who has budgeted a 10-days trip with 20000 pesos ($483 CAD for hotel + transportation+ meals/leisure), I’ve learned some saving tips both through self-experience (in other words, mistakes) and advice from locals.

Minimize the time you use for tricycles
If you don’t have your own transportation, it can be very tempting to use tricycles to get around from one place to another. For example, the sunset beach Los Cabanas is a popular destination further out from the town…

Since completing my month long travel in Japan where I pondered about Instagram in knee deep snow, explored the best cheap dishes in Tokyo, and talked history with an Atomic Bomb survivor, I was itching to get back on the road again. The perfect timing came as cheap airline tickets and a schedule freed by a week long spring break pushed me to pack my bags for sunny Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan is rated as one of the best islands of the Philippines and the rest of the world. Gone are the days of pristine beaches in Boracay and Cebu which…

I place a disturbing amount of pride on my Instagram page. I don’t have thousands of followers nor post consistent pictures, but I spend way too much time on it.

The image I project using my Instagram posts is that of a constant wanderer, always travelling to faraway places most people do not have the privilege of going to.

This image is also complete rubbish as there are many untold truths hiding behind each picture. …

Scott Lee

Learner. Vagabond. Mediator. insta 📸: scott.lee95

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