Replication for the Global Data Plane

Replication for the Global Data Plane is a class research project for Advanced Topics in Computer Systems in which Steven Wu, Tony Yang, and I designed and implemented a distributed replication system for the data model presented by the Global Data Plane.

What is the Global Data Plane?

These devices collect a large amount of personal information about us — where we are, what we say, what we look like. This wide spread data collection has large privacy implications, and has already raised public concern. Security is critical for these devices, yet it is not always at the forefront of priorities.

The Global Data Plane (GDP) presents a new infrastructure that can provide security and the ability to scale in number to these devices and more. The basis of GDP is a secure log. Any user who is authenticated can read or subscribe to the log, but only a single unique user can add data to the log


Synchronizing State


Overall, Replication for the Global Data Plane was close up inspection of some key parts for keeping the gears moving in distributed systems. I’m looking forward to learning more about these kinds of systems.



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