January 24th 2017, my contention so far..

I have been considering what to do to voice my opinion more effectively about our government’s decisions. I am a long time subscriber to the Sunlight Foundation, read a variety of news sources and scientific journals, and have healthy debates with my friends and family.. but that no longer seems to be sufficient. Here’s how I am going to step it up, with the help of, and on behalf of, my family:

  1. Attend more protests, hearings, etc.. My lovely wife has already attended the Women’s March in Philly and several local hearings for gas companies attempting to get approval to build pipelines through protected land (which is also my backyard).
  2. Give $10 a month to each of the following: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Natural Resources Defense Council, and The American Civil Liberties Union
  3. Do a write up like this once a week listing out every Executive Order, Presidential Memoranda, Resolution, and Bill my family disagrees with.
  4. I will send a link and the text of each post to my representative and several Whitehouse agencies. I will call for key issues.
  5. I will post these updates to every social media account I have. I will encourage my friends and family to share mine, if they agree, and create similar content in any case.

The following is the list of Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, Resolutions, and Bills that I think should be voted against or reversed:

There have been a number of other bills and executive actions that are focused on increasing infrastructure quality and resiliency. There are also reports commissioned to improve governmental understanding and visibility. Lastly there are a couple bills that attempt to increase education and internet access in developing countries. I applaud congress for these and hope they increase the American quality of life and maximize the effectiveness of my family’s tax dollars.